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The netherworld.
Hakurei Shrine, 7:12 AM local time

All is peaceful, aside the occasional fairy blasting an innocent bystanding prinny. But this is changing. In the distance, a buzzing noise can be heard, and a small cloud is forming in the distance, like a thundercloud. Sometimes, something like lightning bolts is emitting from the cloud - but often, it is not just striking down but also...upward? And to the sides? Huh?

And worse, it keeps growing and growing, as it closes towards the unsuspecting Hakurei Shrine...

Soon, the truth becomes evident. It is not a cloud. It's fairies. Thousands of fairies, firing angrily at a single Celestial fleeing from them.

"T-that may have been a bit muuu...aaaah!"

Tenshi dodges frantically, and finally is standing on the square before the donation box.

"Okay, this is the place Yukari told me to bring the fairies to. Now...OH NO THE FAIRIES!"

While Tenshi stood there, the fairy cloud took aim. Every single one of the thousands that together form the fairy army of doom.

Ordinary bullets, curving lasers, knives, cards, sunflowers, orbs and worse shoots at Tenshi, causing her to instantly explode into several P-boxes. But the attacks keep on coming...right at Hakurei Shrine!
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