Dec. 13th, 2009

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[Something is going on at the deserted Shrine. The area has been cleaned, some demons have been kicked out, and there's the smell of tea in the air. What's going on, isn't Reimu gone?

There DOES seem to be a shrine maiden cleaning the area in front of the shrine with a makeshift broom. Whats up with that, one wonders...?

Oh. It's just Tenshi.

Okay, that should take care of that. Tea I should have enough too, as well as the other needed supplies. Perfect, now all is ready!

I'll show you TRUE holiness, Netherworld! Ahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

[Yes. This is Tenshi's little "I'm helping you. Yes, really. Don't run away. HEEEEEEEY!" plot culminating. Since Reimu is gone, Tenshi figured she could pick up the slack, and hopes this will prevent her from being bored. A shrine maiden always has to deal with incidents and stuff, right?

She even got a miko outfit from somewhere. It is not open at the side, you perverts

Anyhow. If your character doesn't yet know the Miko is gone and wants help, Tenshi is here to offer it. Or just harass her generally,


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