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Character HISTORY:
Tenshi's history is actually rather short.

She grew up a long, long time ago, belonging to the clan of the Hinanawi, which served another clan, the Nawi. At that time, earthquakes were common, and the celestial Oomura-no-Kami soon found their ability to handle the quakes too much to handle. The Nawi stepped in, helping to calm the situation. For this, they were enshrined as divine spirits. The Hinanawi, in turn, were ascended, turned into Celestials. This included Tenshi, at that time called Chiko (earth/ground child).

She renamed herself Tenshi (sky child), but she never really fit in. For one, the other celestials side-eyed her clan, considering them "bad" celestials because they became holy beings not by prayer, but by being ascended as a reward for their service [Normal celestials became so after a life of ascetism]. Tenshi did not like her treatment, and would often look down at the human world with jealousy.

Boredom was her main feeling - she had not meditated all her life, so heaven had little appeal for her - and eventually, she tried to find ways to kill time.

Her way? Cause an incident threatening the entire area below "heaven" with a disaster. This should get people angry at her, get them to fight her, which in turn would make her un-bored. Perfect plan.

Her inspiration for that was the surface world, how various groups of youkai fought with Reimu - it seemed so fun to Tenshi!

So that was exactly what she did. She angered most factions existing in the land below heaven, including netherworld, after-life people, a vampire and all the youkai hunters, consequently fought many characters from her canon, repaired the damage she did, and seems to have been hanging around the surface people ever since.

That...pretty much IS her history. She makes several other appearances, either by being approached by the protagonists of a different game for an interview, or in references in the mangas (usually the main character of Touhou wondering if Tenshi caused a problem of some kind again).

Most Touhou characters have histories of about this length, so it's not particularly unusual.
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