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If you have any comments on how I play Tenshi, want to slap me, or contact me for any other reason, please feel free to post it here!

Everything is screened, and anonymous comments should be allowed, I hope!
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CHARACTER NAME: Tenshi Hinanai

Backtagging: I will tag back as long as I notice. Sometimes notifs are borked, feel free to message me if you think I forgot a thread!
Threadhopping: Sure, go ahead
Fourthwalling: Sure, if IC, but don't expect Tenshi to care too much. She's likely to argue that her own canon didn't portray her as awesome enough, and therefore, it probably was only based on her superficially.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I will never consent to rape/sexual molestation plots. I'm also not very good with homophobia OOCly. If it is really needed ICly I'll handle it, but...

Hugging this character: Sure
Kissing this character: Sure
Flirting with this character: Sure
Fighting with this character: Sure. My prefered result, by far, is a tie, regardless of your character's power level. Yes, even if Tenshi'd be stronger (she's canonically known to hold back somewhat sometimes, so it'd work).
Injuring this character: Depends on the plot, we will need to talk about this. I'm not likely to go for major injury.
Killing this character: Nope, unless it's a very important part for a plot and previously discussed.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, go ahead, though your character might find it somewhat more difficult than usual. Just notify me so I can give your character her thoughts so you know what she's thinking. Mind control abilities, however, no.

Anything else, just ask. I'm always willing to consider it.

Tenshi is...a jerk. Really. She will probably try to antagonize your character. If you do not like this, please tell me. I am perfectly fine cutting it down or not tagging you at all. It's okay, just tell me!

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Name: Fennel
Journal: N/A; I don’t have any. Feel free to use the plurk [ profile] Zefiris instead?
Contact: Zeffirys@AIM, plurk messages, Email:

Character Name: Tenshi Hinanawi
Series: Touhou Project
Gender: Female
Age & Canon Point: About 1500 years. There is no exact number in her profile, but her history references an event that likely happened before 600 AD, during which she was alive. Canon point is after the most recent event of the canon.
She looks adult.
Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Instructor [GEO 101 and either WTR 202 or MAG 302, I suppose]
Specialization (if a SeeD or Instructor): WEP-S [Mostly since she likes going melee, although her way of combat is rather freestyle]
Hope that works.
I also have a different write-up, if required. It's here
Garden History:
Tenshi and her instructors got along like a house on fire. To begin with, she wasn’t sure if she liked the whole garden business. She reconsidered mostly when she witnessed some Seeds returning from a very important mission. In particular, she noticed their reception. They caused massive damage, got into fights, and were *lauded as heroes*? That seemed fun! Not to mention that Tenshi thought she could do it better [Of course, she often did think so, that didn’t make it necessarily true].

She still got along with her instructors like a house on fire, but at least she tried this time. And she was really, really good on the combat related subjects, too, when she bothered to rein herself in. She still got a lot of deductions for her attitude. Which caused her to bug her teachers for another quarter, to prove that she, too, could be an instructor – better than they had been, in her arrogant, selfish opinion.

Overall, she likely got into a lot of fights with fellow Seeds (not just combat, also verbally), gave teachers a lot of headaches, and her salary is mostly used to pay for paying for the property damage she caused.

Abilities & Physical Abnormalities:
- She is a celestial, a human that has ascended to divinity. She heals quickly, is immune to disease and poison, doesn’t really need to eat, is way stronger than a human (example: She regularly lifts rocks in her hands that are half her own size…and then uses them to whack things with), has extraordinary stamina and is VERY durable (example: A character notices that her throwing knives just bounce off Tenshi’s skin without causing a scratch). She can use meditation to completely ignore pain, too. Oh, and despite her unholy attitude, her body is objectively, measurably holy. Her blood is likely poisonous to demons and the undead.
- She is able to fly.
- Her main power is controlling earth and rock. Making rocks appear, shaking rock, shooting rocks at enemies, shaping rocks, creating massive&huge spikes of rocks that burst through the ground, or causing several rocks to orbit her as a makeshift shield. She can also create small, localized earthquakes. [Technically, she can also create much larger ones, which can be very destructive, take prep time to do, and would therefore only be done as part of a plot with mod approval, if ever. I have played Tenshi in several games so far, and never did she use this.]

-Tenshi commands the ‘Sword of Hisou’, a holy artifact with the capability to gather surrounding energy, which then would be changed into a kind of force with a magical attribute the target was weak to. To cut a long-winded theological explanation short, it pierces armor.
The sword itself is immaterial, and has no exact form – the blade itself changes its shape slightly while being swung, as if it was a long flame on a torch.. This is why I describe it here, for functionally, it’s more a power than an item.

It can parry solid weapons all the same, yet doesn’t really do physical damage, it disables, not kills.
The sword can blink out of existence and reappear in Tenshi’s hands. She can even use the energy it gathers to protect herself temporarily. [The final property of the weapon is that if she slays spirits with it, their energy can be used to manipulate the weather. This likely won’t work at all here, because FF8 spirits work differently than those from her own world, I believe]

-Like all characters from her canon, Tenshi is proficient at danmaku, which means shooting a lot of magical bullets at enemies in colorful, pretty patterns. Yup. She can shoot a lot of red, piercing lasers, as well as a immensely destructive beam. . Like the sword, this “danmaku” is actually nonlethal.

As for skills, she seems to be pretty good with her sword and knows Japanese and Chinese philosophy quite well, although she often misquotes it.
Physical abnormalities: Red eyes, Blue hair, horrible fashion sense.

Personality: Tenshi’s basic, underlying motivation can be summed up with one word: Boredom. Tenshi is old, and centuries of living in literal paradise in heaven have bored her to tears, making her starved for excitement or anything really that makes her ‘not bored’. In all those centuries, she has been pretty much alone, as many celestials shunned her and her family, and those that didn’t had a tendency to defer to her, causing her second underlying motivation (one she would never openly admit to have) – loneliness.
How these two motivations make her act is…somewhat unusual, though.

See, Tenshi eventually discovered that due to living in heaven, she could watch the surface world. The part of the surface world she could watch tended to have so-called incidents, where various demons or other superpowered entities would cause a catastrophe (like stealing the moon, making it eternal winter, or the like), which would then cause several people to rise up and stop them to fix things. At the end, everyone would have a party, including the demons causing the catastrophe.

Tenshi was jealous of it. She wanted to be part of this, too. And she decided she could – and could do it better than many of them. Fighting became something to be desired, since it gave her relief from the boredom (not to mention the whole post-fight part, where people seemed to connect quite well, too). This turned her into the only fight-happy celestial. Fighting became not just a means of relieving boredom, but also of connection to people in some way. She didn’t really have many other ways open to her in heaven, after all.

A good example for how this applies to her behavior would be shinigami. Shinigami – the Japanese equivalent of the grim reaper in western myths – are something most celestials fear. Celestials are not truly immortal, after all. While they do not age, they have a limited allocated time span, and after that is up, a shinigami tends to appear, to carry them to the afterlife. This would kill the celestial. Celestials avoid this by fighting the shinigami off, buying themselves another century or so.
Tenshi welcomed these shinigami. She even called them a “rare pleasure” in a life of boredom. She had no problem whatsoever with admitting this (or messing with the affairs of the shinigami) to the face of a more powerful type of shinigami, who in turn was rather surprised to find a Celestial who didn’t fear death at all.

Getting into fights is pretty much her major goal. She will go to quite an extent to get a proper battle. For example, in her canon, she destroyed a shrine, messed with the weather, sent hundreds of ghosts to the afterlife [which is bad for theological reasons], AND threatened to destroy the entire area with an earthquake, all to get as many people as possible angry at her. The result was lots of powerful people from the setting blaming (and thus fighting) each other, and finally ending up fighting Tenshi, who fought most of them in quick succession. This? Was pretty much her best day ever, in her own thoughts.

She will lie, cause trouble, insult, trick, and use any other underhanded method available to get into a battle if she can justify it. That said, once the battle is over, as long as her opponent doesn’t call her weak (which she hates), she is perfectly fine with making amends. She helped rebuild a shrine she destroyed, for example.

One should note that while she can be a major jerk to people, she tends to limit this (and the damage she does) to targets she considers worthy of battle. She sees little point in actually bullying people who cannot fight back.

She also has quite a bit of pride, which is very unusual for a celestial (who are supposed to be beyond feelings such as pride). Her own “incident”, for example, seemed to be an attempt to one-up earlier incidents by combining several of them into a much more grandiose one.

Tenshi has no problem with people disliking her or being angry at her. She actually welcomes this, and often actively annoys people with the intention of getting them to attack her. In fact, she appears to believe that it is best when people fight her when angry, because it will make them fight properly. For example, during the incident she caused, she told several people exactly what she had done, so they could fully comprehend how dangerous/annoying she was, so they would get angry at her and attack her at full strength. She will sometimes outright lie to achieve this. An example would be her line of "Yes, get angry! Because if you don't punish me, Gensokyo shall be no more!", even though she had no intention of causing destruction.
Her enthusiasm for enemies fighting her seriously tends to be over the top enough that some people consider her to be a kind of masochist, including Marisa in her entries on Tenshi in the canonical grimoire. This is a misperception, however.

Many people will experience her as an annoying, bragging, fight-happy pain in the rear. Her underlying reasons are things she does not show directly very often.

What are your plans for the character in-game?
Have her be generally terrible and try to annoy other characters, but also have her realize that contributing can also be an effective way to ease boredom (not to mention the loneliness bit…).
As for teaching, I have various ideas – taking a class for geography to…say….an ancient cave, then collapse the entrance with her abilities and make the class find the way out on their own (with her there, too, sure). Why study geography in books when you can show it?
A third plan would be to form one or more rivalries with other characters, if the players agree. She would then try to one-up them, for possibly hilarious results.
Anything else?
I hope my German grammar didn’t creep into this too much.

Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.
ii)Prose sample
Tenshi had picked a mostly barren field for the encounter. She had pushed away some of the debris scattered around with her abilities, to make it a more reasonable battlefield, and was now sitting on a floating rock, swinging her legs leisurely. An expectant expression, almost giddy with excitement, was on her face. She was looking forward to this.

That guy – she had forgotten his name, but didn’t really mind, he’d probably shout it at her angrily later – should be there soon, to aid her in killing some time. He had seemed furious, when all she had done was taking credit for “hacking” his computer thing and going through the files. Okay, and she had insulted him, too.
Not that she had been the one responsible, she had no idea about computers, really, and still didn’t understand what hacking meant (did it involve an axe?). But she didn’t quite care, what mattered was that he thought she had done it, and was now perfectly willing to attempt to beat her up for it. It was a splendid development, all things considered!

And there he was! A wide grin formed on her face as she jumped off her rock, creating a small shockwave when she landed on the ground (that had been Tenshi herself, using her own powers to add some gravitas to her movement). He really looked angry enough to fight her properly, it was quite perfect.

“There you are, earth-crawling human! Looks like you managed to find this place after all, I’m so sorry the way I described to get here wasn’t quite accurate or helpful. “ She spread her arms wide while a smug smile formed on her face. “That sure caused you to take a while to get here, but then, you’re only human. Can’t blame you for that now, can I?”

iv) Thread sample:


May. 4th, 2011 08:00 pm
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Character HISTORY:
Tenshi's history is actually rather short.

She grew up a long, long time ago, belonging to the clan of the Hinanawi, which served another clan, the Nawi. At that time, earthquakes were common, and the celestial Oomura-no-Kami soon found their ability to handle the quakes too much to handle. The Nawi stepped in, helping to calm the situation. For this, they were enshrined as divine spirits. The Hinanawi, in turn, were ascended, turned into Celestials. This included Tenshi, at that time called Chiko (earth/ground child).

She renamed herself Tenshi (sky child), but she never really fit in. For one, the other celestials side-eyed her clan, considering them "bad" celestials because they became holy beings not by prayer, but by being ascended as a reward for their service [Normal celestials became so after a life of ascetism]. Tenshi did not like her treatment, and would often look down at the human world with jealousy.

Boredom was her main feeling - she had not meditated all her life, so heaven had little appeal for her - and eventually, she tried to find ways to kill time.

Her way? Cause an incident threatening the entire area below "heaven" with a disaster. This should get people angry at her, get them to fight her, which in turn would make her un-bored. Perfect plan.

Her inspiration for that was the surface world, how various groups of youkai fought with Reimu - it seemed so fun to Tenshi!

So that was exactly what she did. She angered most factions existing in the land below heaven, including netherworld, after-life people, a vampire and all the youkai hunters, consequently fought many characters from her canon, repaired the damage she did, and seems to have been hanging around the surface people ever since.

That...pretty much IS her history. She makes several other appearances, either by being approached by the protagonists of a different game for an interview, or in references in the mangas (usually the main character of Touhou wondering if Tenshi caused a problem of some kind again).

Most Touhou characters have histories of about this length, so it's not particularly unusual.
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You call that rioting? I'll show you proper rioting!

[Tenshi does just that. By causing earthquakes at random locations of the netherworld. She's not going to allow others to beat her in causing chaos and mayhem! She, naturally, is sitting on a floating rock lazily while random chaos happens around her.]

That's how you do this. And you don't need some Gamino fool to 'mastermind' this, it's my idea. And I'm better at it than Gami...whatever, too!
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[Sitting on some rubble, looking both bored and depressed]


Nothing ever happens.

Demonic delinquency is really the worst.

[OOC: Tenshi is well aware that she missed a large battle while oversleeping, hence her third sentence.]
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Hm. This is kinda ...odd. [Tenshi yawns]

I guess...this...good work stuff is tiring...

[She yawns again]

I need sleep I think...

[Tired Tenshi is tired, and wobbling through the area towards some place to sleep, either her room or Reimu's old shrine, she doesn't mind which.]

[OOC: Just general exhaustion. Nothing to heal, nothing mysterious, no plot]
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[Something is going on at the deserted Shrine. The area has been cleaned, some demons have been kicked out, and there's the smell of tea in the air. What's going on, isn't Reimu gone?

There DOES seem to be a shrine maiden cleaning the area in front of the shrine with a makeshift broom. Whats up with that, one wonders...?

Oh. It's just Tenshi.

Okay, that should take care of that. Tea I should have enough too, as well as the other needed supplies. Perfect, now all is ready!

I'll show you TRUE holiness, Netherworld! Ahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

[Yes. This is Tenshi's little "I'm helping you. Yes, really. Don't run away. HEEEEEEEY!" plot culminating. Since Reimu is gone, Tenshi figured she could pick up the slack, and hopes this will prevent her from being bored. A shrine maiden always has to deal with incidents and stuff, right?

She even got a miko outfit from somewhere. It is not open at the side, you perverts

Anyhow. If your character doesn't yet know the Miko is gone and wants help, Tenshi is here to offer it. Or just harass her generally,
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[Tenshi can be found all over the netherworld...trying to help you. Yes, you.
Oddly, she manages to do that without ever being spotted by the other delinquents, though they may hear rumors.

So if your character is somewhere having a problem, Tenshi will try to help. In her own way.

One wonders how long she can keep this up before getting bored.
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Huh, now what to do with these convenient buckets of sweets? Hm... I know.

He he he he...He he he he he

Now I just need someone asking me for sweets...oh, people will get so mad <3 But how do I get people to ask me for sweets?

[Tenshi managed to spike her sweets either with tabasco, hanaberos, ex lax, or citron essence, and some with all four. Your character probably isn't going to like them...]
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So, everyone's doing a training montage? I'll show you how it's really done!

[Tenshi, training for fun, can be spotted doing various training-related things.
-Starting minor earthquakes close to the circus that someone may want to investigate
-chasing groups of demons with pillars of stone bursting from the ground
-Defending prinnies from bully demons by pelting the bullies with drilling rocks?! Huh?
-Writing her name into the side of a mountain with her writing two letters at once with two different huge lasers
-Throwing rocks at your character
-Creating a kind of "ladder" into the sky by making rocks float, and jumping from rock to rock towards the sky
-falling down after a failed jump
-gathering fairies, and dodging their bullets.]

[This posting may or may not be solely caused by the video. You decide]
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This seriously sucks.

[Tenshi is sitting on a floating rock close to the bath area, looking peeved.]

What am I supposed to do? I already blew up the shrine - twice! That emo jerk Revya already threatened the castle with total destruction, if I do that - which I could do better and with more style than her, anyway - I'm still just seen as a copycat.

And I can't even gather an army of demons, because there's two unimaginative people already doing that!

[This, apparently, offends her quite a bit. How dare people make plans without leaving room for HER to make plans, too?]

And a huge earthquake destroying everything? I already did that, too! I can't always rehash the same plots over and over. I need something... something special. I wonder if it'll be okay to involve the council again...
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[A pretty beat-up looking Tenshi is walking out of the Cave of Ordeals, looking smug]

Aaaah, that was relaxing. [She stretches] I love a good workout.

Huh, wait, something is missing. HEY! Where are my keystones?! ....

...Did I overdo it with my power in there or something?
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Yukari? Yukari! Now where is the gap hag when you need her?

*Tenshi is running through the castle, looking pretty bruised. There are still several of Reimu's amulets attached to her skirt, for example. She is carrying a basket containing several bottles of Sake that, in her genius, she has not spiked with ex lax or something. (She looted them, essentially)*
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The netherworld.
Hakurei Shrine, 7:12 AM local time

All is peaceful, aside the occasional fairy blasting an innocent bystanding prinny. But this is changing. In the distance, a buzzing noise can be heard, and a small cloud is forming in the distance, like a thundercloud. Sometimes, something like lightning bolts is emitting from the cloud - but often, it is not just striking down but also...upward? And to the sides? Huh?

And worse, it keeps growing and growing, as it closes towards the unsuspecting Hakurei Shrine...

Soon, the truth becomes evident. It is not a cloud. It's fairies. Thousands of fairies, firing angrily at a single Celestial fleeing from them.

"T-that may have been a bit muuu...aaaah!"

Tenshi dodges frantically, and finally is standing on the square before the donation box.

"Okay, this is the place Yukari told me to bring the fairies to. Now...OH NO THE FAIRIES!"

While Tenshi stood there, the fairy cloud took aim. Every single one of the thousands that together form the fairy army of doom.

Ordinary bullets, curving lasers, knives, cards, sunflowers, orbs and worse shoots at Tenshi, causing her to instantly explode into several P-boxes. But the attacks keep on coming...right at Hakurei Shrine!
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Ah, I love causing incidents. I wonder when these earth-crawling fools will notice...

*Tenshi is standing on one of her floating rocks, watching the netherworld from above. She is, however, giggling like a schoolgirl, thereby ruining her evil overlady impression...*
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Show yourself! I know you're here somewhere!

*Tenshi is standing on a pillar of rock in front of the castle. The pillar seems to have come out of the ground just for her to stand on - sixteen feet over the ground.

You and I have been assigned for the same room, you phoenix monstrosity! I assume this means we'll have to fight who gets it. SHOW YOURSELF, or ELSE!

...and can someone explain why there are tomatos rolling around chasing prinnies? Did the ugly gap hag do it?

[Yeah, Phoenix Wright-mun, this might be a good time to come out of hiding!]
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*Tenshi falls onto the floor with a thud. Blinking, she gets up, rubbing her behind(which got hit from the fall), and looks around*

Eeeh? What's this place? I don't think Gensokyo had so many volcanos. That's odd.

I must really have pissed that ugly youkai hag off!
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Character's Name: Tenshi Hinanai

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